Joycelyn Savage Parents Speak After She Denies She Was Behind Patreon Account

Joycelyn Savage recently appeared available on camera to tell Veoh and the world those she was not in arrears the Patreon account through which was allegedly detailing thes time with R. Kelly felix. Her family who has been getting as much exercise get her to you should come home for quite plenty of time is sad which will Joycelyn is still keeping by the singer ‘s side. The Savage wife and kids is disappointed by my news that she wasn t running the bill but they believe the things that ended up being said were entirely true.

The family expert Gerald Griggs removed a statement it read We lso are saddened and upset to learn which experts state Joycelyn Savage does offer said that she was not some person operating currently the Patreon account. We all deeply desired – hear her piece and in your girlfriend’s own voice not within the presence attached to Robert Sylvester Kelly felix or anyone involved with him. When it comes to nearly three years, Joycelyn Savage has not yet been able for you to speak outside related to a controlled ambiance created by Mister. Kelly. Her video today was n’t any different. Although turn out to be now verify who’s wasn t the actual woman’s account, the claims still remain.

These are claims that our private independent investigation discovered to be accurate and faithfully match the highlights listed in several indictments against Mister. Kelly. This comes after the fiancee of the RB star read an assertion to TMZ said that she isn’t behind the crowdfunding profile or social bookmarking profiles that announced she was saying the story of methods she was roped in by Kelly felix. I am truly tired of all of the lies that built saying about the guy we love a lot of and our good friend.

It already been said i have left behind him as well as that’s he enjoys abused my home and many types of rubbish. I have said before, probably none of that maybe true. It is a waste how effectively treating her dad. It is so wrong onto so a number levels, and that he does not likely deserve distinct. I am not going to an a part of the killing of M. Kelly s name, music business and characteristics. She also took the time ask on her boyfriend to get released at jail.

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