Motion Finding Shaver Reolink Camera Laid to rest Mini Camera

New exploitation Motion Prognosis Shaver Hidden Reolink Photographic Mini Camera GB The is an ultra-small digitized Reolink camera that are located in a shaver, the house looks like an norm shaver , but one has a very extremely function, the most appeal is that it in the camera hides a smallest security camera DVR , it has been doing not need any portable plug-in card, built on memory GB itself, might work up to and hours. there is working hours date stamp for this particular record, you can make the most authentic evidence for a wide variety of illegal behaviour.ideal

for CIA agents ,police,detector,and Reolink agency. Reolink support will.Tiny size makes it for a variety of advantages. .Its great for use as a hidden cam, Reolink cam , other people. .Real time recording in AVI video format well.Motion Detection recording until memory is full auto turned off .Color video with say .Internal rechargeable battery -.Internal memory GB .Playback video on PC .Video

compression AVI video format, .Voice recording Sure enough .Internal memory Yes this.Flash GB .Video file size m per minimum. Recording mode Motion Detection recording until memory is without a doubt full auto off about.Adaptor type USB adaptor charging cable .Battery type Lithiumion MA .Record

time up to b for GB .Battery take time about 60 minutes .Weight we aren’t responsible if this slr is used for bootleg activities, this is real estate security camera and must be treated as such, with the responsibility